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Space Boobs in SpaceSpace Boobs in Space (2017)


Director: Andrew N. Shearer

Stars : Coquette de Jour, Pandora Disaster, Ming Vase Dynasty

Genre : Comedy

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Release: 22 July 2017 (Usa)

Space Boobs in Space :- Watch Space Boobs in Space on, I am always amazed at the depth that Amazon Prime Streaming goes in its film library. I saw this one by mistake. I was aware of who Andrew Shearer was. I have other movies of his. When I saw the running time was 90 minutes I was a little shocked. Andrew does short stuff so a feature? Sure, I love his stuff. Plus it promised boobs. More on that later. The beginning deals with a ship from Earth going to a planet where they want the milk from our woman titties. They need it to survive. In exchange they will give us the milk from their titties. Apparently it bestows immortality on whoever drinks it. Seems like a fair trade. The movie actually ends pretty quick and there is a linking device with a ravishing creature with green hair. They use her show to introduce other short films. See, this is familiar territory for me. We get all sorts of goodies and it reminds me of Amazon Women on the Moon. Another great film. The green haired host interviews this other alien named Grand Muff Tit who is hilarious. Every word is a slice of comedy gold and I laughed a lot. So, this is a good flick. I would have probably gone into more detail, but there is nothing giving me proper credits on the internet and I don’t feel like fast forwarding through the damned movie again to find them. Last thing. If you tune in expecting an abundance of naked boobies, keep moving. Sure, there are many exquisite creatures lurking through this film, but zero nudity to be had. That’s fine, whatever. I’m fine with it. I know some people might get cranky wasting 90 minutes with no naked boobs so I thought I would mention it in the review so they don’t get all pissy. And the short film with the game Operation with Dee Flowered is one of the funniest things I have seen all year. I thought it was a fun flick and hilarious. Also, the green haired woman hosting the show is one of the most ravishing creatures I have seen in a film in a long time. Her name is Xtina and she is absolutely lovely.

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