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The SoundThe Sound ( 2017)


Director: Jenna Mattison

Stars : Rose McGowan, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Eklund

Genre : Horror | Thriller | Mystery

IMDB Rating: 3.8

Release: 29 Sep 2017 (Usa)

The Sound :- Watch The Sound on,I like to think of watching horror movies like going on first dates: Does it have a likable personality? Is the memory of this film going to stay with me till the next night? Is it something I can go back to watching and still enjoy?With The Sound, the only thing I’m left with is the thought of what it could have been. I could not be disappointed if I didn’t have somewhat high expectations for it. The title is sufficient to pique my interest. I would have been satisfied if this was about a particular creepy sound. So many horror movies rely on visuals that it would be very refreshing.It starts out promising: a campy little story with likable faces. But you soon realize it runs far too long for the punches it packs, which are barely a handful. Your mind starts working overtime to entertain you where the movie fails to, which includes not only imagining how different scares could be built up where there aren’t any, but also poking fun at the vague and rushed plot. All this makes the movie a disappointing watch.

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