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Someone Marry BarrySomeone Marry Barry (2014)


Director: Rob Pearlstein

Stars: Tyler Labine, Damon Wayans Jr., Lucy Punch

Genre: Comedy

IMDB Rating: 5.9

Release: 9 Sep 2014 (Usa)

Someone Marry Barry :-Watch Someone Marry Barry on, Three friends plot to get rid of their socially inappropriate friend by finding him a wife, but when he meets a woman just like him, their problems double.He is frank and says whatever everyone is thinking but too afraid to say out loud. He is also an idiot and his friends have had enough with his shenanigans. He gets Desmond fired by talking to the boss about this girl that Desmond thinks while having se* and pictures this girl while he climaxes. Turns out that was the boss’ daughter. Barry also gets caught jerking off to a picture of Kurt’s girlfriend in a slideshow that was meant to be used as a proposal. Kurt says that it is a surprise waiting for her inside the house and boy was it a surprise. Barry was like It is what it looks like. For some reason he decides to hug them even though his pants were down. So naturally she dumps Kurt. When the guys were plotting to somehow get rid of barry Kurt keeps talking about murdering Barry which was friggin’ hilarious. But the real comedy begins when Barry meets female Barry. The couple were adorable in their frank and vulgar way which not only beats the point of Barry’s friends trying to get him married so he would be put on a leash by Barry’s wife or at the least he would be her problem or he would be too busy to bother the guys but now there are two Barrys one for each gender which they find out in a trip they make to the cabin. This is where the plot gets a little slow, sad etc. In the end it is just an average romcom but with plenty of laugh out loud moments. It also ends with the introduction of Barry’s very own Barry. Enjoyable.
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