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Social AnimalsSocial Animals (2018)


Director : Theresa Bennett

Stars : Josh Radnor, Carly Chaikin, Samira Wiley

IMDB Rating : 5.0

Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 01 June 2018

Social Animals :- Watch . . Social Animals on, The film tells the story of three Instagramers and how the platform has completely taken over their lives. Each of them comes from different backgrounds: a mansion in California, the projects in New York, a Midwest country home. All use Instagram for different reasons. While one wants to be a model and start her own fashion line, another does it out of a love for photography, and yet another does it to fit in at school.They’re all teens, making their way through life, and the added stress of keeping up with Instagram isn’t making that any easier.It’s a life their parents struggle to understand. There are new rules for everything previous generations once knew: dating culture, friend wars, school bullying. All of it feels like an unfamiliar monster gradually seeping into our culture, leaving behind nothing but nostalgia for a time when people argued face to face and flirted over phone callsTwo of the three individuals are “Instafamous.” At one point, their celebrity status is questioned, and the model specifically says she doesn’t see herself that way.Technically, they have fans and are in the public eye. It’s scary how some of their followers feel a sense of ownership over them. Instagram accounts often allow them to create a brand for themselves as well.