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SmartassSmartass ( 2017)


Director: Jena Serbu

Stars : Drama | Comedy

Genre : Thriller

IMDB Rating: 7.4

Release: 12 Sep 2017 (Usa)

Smartass :- Watch Smartass on, The whole movie is chaotic. It follows the story of a 15years old who is so spoiled and bored of her life that decides to hop on a journey to find some adventure and she is accompanied by her junkie friends trying to sell coke and the movie is kinda based on drugs & gangs. Joey King does a good job playing Freddie which is inspired by Writer-Director’s life (Jena Serbu) . You may even feel for Freddie through her dark unsafe journey when she shed some tears and say “I’m just too tired to be murdered!”Anyway “Smartass” ain’t a good word to describe the 15years old protagonist of the movie or the movie itself .It Sends some bad messages to young people out there to follow what she did. So if you really have nothing better to do and you’re really bored and into these type of fast-paced absurd comedies and wanna have some fun, instead of doing what Freddie (main character) did, just watch some movies. Smartass is one!

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