Watch Sleepwalking in Suburbia (2017) Movie Online Free

Sleepwalking in SuburbiaSleepwalking in Suburbia ( 2017)


Director: : : Alex Wright

Stars : Emilie Ullerup, Giles Panton, Lucie Guest

Genre : Drama

IMDB Rating: 6.0

Release: 16 july 2017 (Usa)

Sleepwalking in Suburbia :- Watch Sleepwalking in Suburbia on,I watched the latest “premiere” movie on Lifetime, a bizarre concoction called “Sleepwalking in Suburbia” (it seems that “_____ in Suburbia” has joined the ranks of Lifetime’s film “series” alongside “The Perfect _____,” “The _____ S/he Met Online,” “Wrong _____,” and “_____ at 17”) brought to us by one Alex Wright, who directed and co-wrote the script with Bryce Doersam. Michelle Miller (Emilie Ullerup, yet another one of those names that in classic Hollywood would have been changed — even “Lucille Le Sueur,” which wouldn’t have been a bad star name at all, got rechristened “Joan Crawford”) is more or less happily married to Dan Miller (Giles Panton, a not-bad looking actor who resembles the young Christopher Meloni enough I could have thought he was Meloni’s younger brother) except that — stop me if you’ve heard this before — they’re trying to have a child and Michelle just had a miscarriage. It appears to be the trauma over this that snapped Michelle back into her former habit of chronic sleepwalking, for which she’s in therapy with the couple’s friend Dr. Kate Ford (Miranda Frigon). One night, Michelle sleepwalks her way into the home of neighbor Luke Williams (Carlo Marks) while his wife Nancy (Lucie Guest) is out of town, and though her waking relations with Luke are (at least on hurbia Movie Online, Download Sleepwalking in Suburbia 2016 Full Movie Online Free HD Torrent Download, Youtube, dailymotion,



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