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SiRENSiREN (2016)

Director: Gregg Bishop

Stars: Hannah Fierman, Chase Williamson, Justin Welborn

Genre: Horror

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Release: 02 Dec 2016 (Usa)

SiREN :-Watch SiREN on,David Bruckner’s “Amateur Night,” the first actual segment (other than the wraparound narrative) in the 2012 anthology series “V/H/S” was a relatively clever bit of gender reversal. Three young men rent a hotel room with the sole purpose of bringing back women for sex, which they would record and turn into amateur porn. One of their targets, a shy girl named Lily, turns out to be a winged creature who rips their genitals off and murders them. Classic horror movie lessons: don’t be an asshole and don’t underestimate the quiet girl. Expanded into a full-length feature in this week’s “SiREN,” any such message is muddled by a script that has no idea what it’s saying or doing, and a director who can’t grasp the right tone. The centerpiece of “SiREN” needs to be a descent into Hell that the filmmakers here seem incapable of really taking, resulting in a film that’s totally strange in concept but rather straightforward in execution. It’s a movie lost somewhere in the middle: too weird to be believable, not weird enough to be memorable.

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