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Sinister Minister Sinister Minister ( 2017)


Director: Jose Montesinos

Stars : Nikki Howard, Ryan Patrick Shanahan, Angelica Tate

Genre : Drama | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 5.4

Release: 2017 (Usa)

Sinister Minister :- Watch Sinister Minister on, There is no mystery concerning the identity of the psycho killer in “Sinister Minister”. The story opens with charismatic reverend Ryan Patrick Shanahan (as DJ) explaining how God has blessed his adulterous self with an attractive blonde. After losing his wife in a convenient car accident, Mr. Shanahan weds the blonde. Meanwhile, the small town “Bright Side” welcomes two attractive brunettes. The new arrivals are single mom Nikki Howard (as Patricia “Trish” Corbett) and her pot-smoking 18-year-old daughter Angelica Briones (as Sienna). This being a “Lifetime” TV movie, you should bet on Shanahan offering Ms. Howard the missionary position that opens up in church after his newest wife dies. And, what the hell, how about installing the teenage daughter in a love nest..After all, the Lord commanded, “Go forth and multiply!”..There is some fun in watching deranged killers do their dirty work. This story has one of the key ingredients, a fine performance by Shanahan as the unholy minister. However, one of the other things necessary is a satisfying backstory. We know the “Sinister Minister” had a bad childhood, but are not clear about what his problems are, exactly…

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