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Silent Hill: Revelation 3DSilent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012)

Director: Michael J. Bassett

Stars: Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington, Sean Bean

Genre: Drama | Adventure | Horror

IMDB Rating: 5.0

Release: 31 Oct 2012 (Uk)

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D :-Watch Silent Hill: Revelation 3D on, This is yet another film of 2012 that i didn’t care much for i didn’t really care about the characters but i thought the acting was okay from everyone and another problem i have with this film is Sean bean! because once again he has nothing to do! just like he had nothing to do in the first film!.This man always seems to play small roles now granted i thought the man did a good job playing the role of the father but thats about it because he really doesn’t do anything else in the film except walk around just like he did in the first film. All this man ever seems to do is walk around! and never anything big or important! i mean his daughter did more in the film then he did! in fact it appears she did everything and again we get another lame story that i don’t care about and we have a bunch of strange things happening that i don’t care about,about the only interesting thing about this movie is the end when the two villains fight each other i thought we had an okay fight between pyramid head and the Evil creature women but even that could have been done better,i thought the fight was poorly edited but it kept me watching at least as lame as it was. I thought the ending of the film was a little cliché and it looked like a sequel bait ending which it probably was meant to be because i’m guessing they are going to make a third film which they don’t need. All in all i thought this film was quite boring and it didn’t have much action in it and it didn’t scare me that much either i maybe got one scare max but thats not saying much considering this is supposed to be a horror film.I just found this film pretty lame and in my opinion the first film was better and it made a little more sense too. this film is not terrible but its really not good either and i just didn’t care for it and in my opinion we would have been better off without this film they should have just stuck to the original and since they did make this film they should have at least given Sean bean more to do instead of just him sitting around in his house all day. Sean bean may have gotten kidnapped halfway through the story and brought to silent hill but even then he doesn’t have much to do and we barely see him for most of the film instead all we see is the lead girl running around looking for him and having weird visions and i just got tired of it after a while but i guess the actors did the best they could and the ending is okay so i gave this film 4/10 for the effort because it least they tried but all in all i thought this film was nothing special and quite forgettable..
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