Watch Shadow Island Mysteries Wedding for One (2010) Movie Online Free

Shadow Island Mysteries Wedding for OneShadow Island Mysteries: Wedding for One (2010)


Director : Gary Yates

Stars : Jennifer Finnigan, Natalie Brown, Shaun Benson

IMDB Rating : 4.8

Genre : Mystery | Romance

Release Date : 05 May 2010

Shadow Island Mysteries: Wedding for One :- Watch Shadow Island Mysteries: Wedding for One on, Shadow Island Mysteries: Wedding For One is a thrilling mystery TV Movie. This film has a lot of positive elements, i didn’t notice any swearing, the plot is decent, and the movie tells it like it is, it’s a mystery flick, what we see is what we get.This film is slightly predictable, but nevertheless still very watchable. There’s a lot of TV Movies that are awful, but this one is worth watching.If you like TV Movies and if you like mystery films, check out this movie!Danny LaBelle is to wed Monica Johnson on the island, but flirts with host and maid of honor Claire La Foret, while embarrassing his nerdy brother Sam, who has an eye on Claire. After a cocky confrontation in the forest with Claire’s dominant ex Jeff Doyle, who just returned to the island and soon seduces her again, Danny disappears. Claire keeps that quiet as the guests arrives and keeps searching for the groom, who has been kidnapped by a masked, abusive man.



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