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The Sex AddictThe Sex Addict (2017)


Director: Amir Mo

Stars: Amir Mo, Ken Davitian, Horatio Sanz

Genre: Drama | Comedy

IMDB Rating: 3.4

Release: 18 April 2017 (Usa)

The Sex Addict :- Watch The Sex Addict on, This is a crazy movie. It starts out reasonably believable and serious as the female grad student follows a sex-crazed addict named Rex around interviewing him and documenting his life. Despite being a fairly despicable individual, Rex is charismatic and has a pretty quick wit. It’s entertaining to get to know Rex through the movie, and you almost do wonder if it’s real. But about mid-way through, it seems like they gave up on maintaining the air of seriousness and things just get crazier and crazier, but not as entertaining because it gets fairly juvenile and goofy. I did enjoy the first part but the second phase was more or less a waste of time.A sex-addicted man’s life starts to unravel when he becomes the subject of a school documentary by a bookish yet beautiful young PhD student. This comedy mockumentary examines the life of Rex, whose addiction to the many vices of sexual pleasure have left him at his witless end. .
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