Watch Scales Mermaids Are Real (2017) Movie Online Free

Scales Mermaids Are RealScales: Mermaids Are Real ( 2017)


Director: : Kevan Peterson

Stars : Emmy Perry, Morgan Fairchild, Elisabeth Röhm

Genre : Fantasy

IMDB Rating: 8.2

Release: 21 July 2017 (Usa)

Scales: Mermaids Are Real :– Watch Scales: Mermaids Are Real on,This was a wonderful movie about growing up, dealing with changes in life and becoming aware of how the world really can be as we begin the journey of leaving childhood and how we are forced to rapidly mature to deal with what life throws at us when we have no choice but to survive. All of this wrapped up by the whimsical fantasy that Mermaids live among us, set against a beautiful coastal town backdrop.I was lucky enough to attend the screening of “Scales: Mermaids Are Real” at the Newport Beach Film Festival. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, especially as this movie is targeted to a younger audience, but I came away feeling that I truly enjoyed the movie. There was never a dull moment, the writing was fantastic, the lead Emmy Perry delivered a flawless natural performance and the entire ensemble was perfectly cast for their roles and did a great job.The cinematography was incredible, it provided some stunning imagery on the screen, some wonderful locations and a gradual shift from the warm coastal scenery to the colder, more daunting side of town and the inhabitants living there. I wholeheartedly recommend this for all the family, I really think this is a true gem of a movie.

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