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I Am Sam KinisonI Am Sam Kinison (2017)


Director: Adrian Buitenhuis

Stars : Dan Barton, Bill Burr, Tommy Chong

IMDB Rating : 7.8

Genre : Documentary

Release Date : 19 Dec 2017

I Am Sam Kinison :- Watch I Am Sam Kinison on,I Am Sam Kinison is a feature-length documentary film exploring the life and legacy of shock comic Sam Kinison, a former Pentecostal preacher turned stand-up comic who repurposed his pulpit-honed chops to the brazen rock ‘n roll world of MTV-era comedy. Following a steep trajectory to fame, excess, despair and near-redemption, Sam meets a sudden and early death when struck by a drunk driver in 1992. Using extensive clips from his comedy specials that cover some of his favorite topics including marriage, women, homosexuality, God, religion and world hunger Sam tells much of his story himself in a barrage of comedic feints and blows, shrieking and misanthropic riffing. Added perspective is provided by a dynamic cast of friends, family, fellow comics and celebrity party-mates, augmented by animated sequences that illustrate and add color to energetic and often hilarious interviews. Key interviews include the inspired storytelling of Jay Leno, Bill Burr, Ted Nugent, Charlie Sheen, Joe ..

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