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Running AwayRunning Away ( 2017)


Director: : Brian Skiba

Stars : Holly Deveaux, Paula Trickey, Madison Lee Brown

Genre : Drama | Thriller

IMDB Rating: 4.2

Release: 6 May 2017 (Usa)

Running Away :- Watch Running Away on,Lifetime’s second prime-time (10 p.m. to midnight) movie last Saturday, May 6, Running Away, had definite points of similarity to the one they showed just before it, Deadly Sorority, including the young damsel in distress and the nerdy young guy with glasses and superior computer hacking skills who comes along to help save her and ends up romantically paired with her at the end, but as has often happened with this network when they do the back-to-back movies on Saturday nights the second film turned out to be considerably more interesting and richer as a work of art (or artifice) than the first. Running Away tells the story of Peg (Paula Trickey) and her two teenage daughters, Maggie (Holly Deveaux, top-billed) and Lizzie (Madison Lee Brown). Peg lived with the girls’ father but they never formally got married — they talked about doing so but dad ultimately died before they could — and for the last three years the three women have lived alone, with Maggie raising her daughters as a single parent and falling farther behind financially until at the start of this movie she’s frantically fielding collection calls from her bank (or whatever mortgage servicer owns her mortgage now — one of the principal causes of the housing crisis that nearly wrecked the entire U.S. economy in 2008 was the selling and reselling and re-reselling of home mortgages in ever-larger “packages” to the point where it often wasn’t clear just who owned them and who was responsible for seeing that the borrowers paid up). We see her end of one of these and the treatment she’s getting from the unseen, unheard caller is so rough that at first I thought she was being blackmailed. Peg is also dating a well-off pawn-shop owner, Richard Bannister (William McNamara), who’s depicted as incredibly overbearing and possessive. Richard proposes to Peg, thereby shocking the hell out of Maggie, who doesn’t like the man and isn’t looking forward to having him as a stepfather, especially since he insists that when he and Peg tie the knot they’re going to live in his place (albeit one that’s considerably more elaborate than the one Peg is about to lose to foreclosure) and she’s going to have to abide by his rules. She’s also going to have to do her final year of high school at a new school run by a woman princip

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