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Run the TideRun the Tide (2016)

Director: Soham Mehta

Stars: Taylor Lautner, Johanna Braddy, Constance Zimmer

Genre: Drama

IMDB Rating: 5.2

Release: 02 Dec 2016 (Usa)

Run the Tide :-Watch Run the Tide on,Though they only wrapped up four years ago, the “Twilight” movies already seem ancient history in pop culture terms. Ditto the memory of Taylor Lautner as an Oughties It Boy, that temporary career heat cooled by a series of weak big-screen vehicles even as his co-stars were reinventing themselves with uneven but cumulative success as “serious” adult actors.“Run the Tide” is unlikely to reverse that trend at point when Lautner has mostly retreated to TV anyway (“Scream Queens,” Brit “Cuckoo”), though the actor gives a creditable enough turn as a young man who has raised his little brother alone — then flees with the kid once their hitherto abusive, drug-addled mother exits prison to resume custody. This competently crafted but uninspired tearjerker, a feature debut for both director Soham Mehta and scenarist Rajiv Shah, is getting a limited theatrical launch Dec. 2. Yet it feels like a cable and rental time-filler, with prospects sure to be much improved in those formats.After suffering the full brunt of single parent Lola (Constance Zimmer), and her violent and irresponsible behavior, Rey (Lautner) is determined not to let much-younger sibling Oliver (Nico Christou) risk the same kind

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