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To Rome with LoveTo Rome with Love (2012)

Director: Woody Allen

Stars: Woody Allen, Penélope Cruz, Jesse Eisenberg

Genre: Comedy | Romance

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Release: 14 Sep 2012 (Uk)

To Rome with Love :-Watch To Rome with Love on,To Rome with Love revolves around the life of many many people either living or on trip to the city of Rome. They can all be seen by a man who directs where cars go. The American girl (Alison Pill) bringing her parents (Judy Davis and Woody Allen) to Italy so she can marry her Italian boyfriend (Flavio Parenti) and also meet the parents of the boyfriend which includes the father who is turned into an opera singer father and mother . Then there is Leopoldo (Roberto Benigni) who becomes a celebrity which seems over night, an Italian man who is mistaken for another when Anna (Penelope Cruz) a prostitute walks in. There is also Jack (Jesse Eisenberg) and Sally (Greta Gerwig) who’s relationship is almost ruined by Sally’s friend Monica (Ellen Page). The film I believe fails because the script try’s to juggle all these story’s and in the end I found none of them interesting.Written and directed by Woody Allen it’s sad for me to talk about my hate for this film as I felt every single actor was wasted especially since I like most of these actors. I had high expectations for this film as I felt Allen made a comeback with Midnight in Paris last year but I did learn that it was based on an early story he wrote. So I have to come to the conclusion that he has lost his magic to make interesting films with big casts and none of them being the weak link.Sure all the actors were good but that’s only because they made the most they were given with. Alison Pill was wasted unlike her previous work with Allen, Allen himself was given a lot to do but he is not an actor and needs to give someone else a chance, Davis I almost forgot was in the film is bad because I like her so much. This film gives us a chance to see what happened Benigni after he won the Oscar because he seemed to disappear and in this film he just is a mess showing that sometimes really bad actors can get Oscars. Penelope Cruz when she worked with Allen last won an Oscar but even though she is not as good she is best in the film because she gets to be funny and speak in an accent. Then there is the love story which seemed OK but the
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