Watch Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (2017) Movie Online Free

Rogue Warrior Robot FighterRogue Warrior: Robot Fighter ( 2017)


Director: Neil Johnson

Stars : Tracey Birdsall, William Kircher, Daz Crawford

Genre : Action | Sci-Fi

IMDB Rating: 6.9

Release: 06 june 2017 (Usa)

Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter :- Watch Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter on,I have always wondered the same thing you all have. Most films, even the lower budget ones, might have hundreds of individuals working each and every film. So why do I see these movies with only a handful of reviews and some with no positive reviews at all. While I may have been that odd kid that voted for the “other guy” when running for class president because I felt that “it was the fair thing to do”, I can tell you that no matter how bad I might have been in a movie, my mother would have gone to the library and used each and every computer to open a new IMDb account just to write a dozen, 10-star, reviews about how my acting was Oscar nod worthy, Well, I am pretty sure that is exactly what happened here. I have to tell you that while movie itself only deserves the three stars I have issued here for its content, it really does deserve Oscars in both the “best use of fake awards to pump up a single movie” as well as for “the most cast, crew and moms overlooked reviews” categories. The writing in these reviews are literally more creative and fictional than the script itself.It is currently sitting at a 7.8/10. But here is the downside… you all look ridiculous for pumping this movie. Anyone involved with this movie must be feeling a bit embarrassed as the rating will continue to drop. It’s like online dating, just set my expectations and you’ve got a shot. Don’t send me a picture of you 20 years younger and 40 lbs lighter. Own who you are and you’ll find your mate. There is a place for sci-fi like this. It’s just not between 7.7 and 7.9 in IMDb.And for anyone that feels slighted after they purchased this gem because of the ultra high IMDb rating, you cant blame anyone but yourself. If you somehow still feel like the victim, here are a few other life lessons I would like to impart upon you… 1. Don’t pay for ‘support’ when your MAC browser pops up a PC window with an 800 support number on it. (Just close the window) 2. Don’t send money to a Nigerian prince to pay for his taxes. 3. Don’t buy Klipsch speakers from the back of a white van, 4. A $20 Rolex is often not real and 5. TV wrestling is fake. I hope these tips save you some trouble as well.

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