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RobertRobert the Doll (2015)


Director: Andrew Jones

Stars: Suzie Frances Garton, Lee Bane, Flynn Allen

Genre: Horror

IMDB Rating: 3.3

Release: 24 Aug 2015 (Uk)

Robert the Doll :-Watch Robert the Doll on,Dating back to 1904, there’s been a story about a haunted doll named, Robert. Having occurred in Key West, Florida, it’s still very much a fixture of it’s haunted history. The doll is still in one piece and is housed in the East Martello Museum for curious onlookers to gawk at. The story, if you’ve heard it, is a rather creepy one and you know it’s ripe for being told on the screen (this tale was actually the inspiration for the CHILD’S PLAY films).Writer/director Andrew Jones has put together a film based around this creepy true story. The true tales about the doll you can read on the internet are far more terrifying than anything you will see in the film. His tale does follow the truth rather closely but with a very tiny budget, the chills you would hope to recieve from a film like this are seriously lacking but the predictability factor is running rather high. I could appreciate the attempt and the doll created for the film should have done the trick but overall it was a letdown.Paul (Lee Bane) and Jenny (Suzie Frances Garton) live a busy life and they count on their housekeeper Agatha (Judith Haley) to help keep things in order. She’s up there in age and has begun to have issues with remembering things. Paul and Jenny decide it would be in their best interest to let her go. Agatha doesn’t take the news very well but asks for the chance to give their son Gene (Flynn Allen) a final farewell. Before she goes, she gives him an old doll named Robert. After she leaves, strange things begin to happen around the home and Gene kee

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