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RepentanceRepentance (2013)

Director: : Philippe Caland

Stars: Anthony Mackie, Forest Whitaker, Sanaa Lathan

Genre: Drama | Thriller | Crime

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Release: 25 Sep 2014 (Uk)

Repentance :-Watch Repentance on,A successful author and spiritual advisor takes on a troubled man as a client, completely unaware that the man’s fixation on his mother’s death will soon put his life in jeopardy.This movie had lots of potential but fell short. Still worth watching but I was disappointed. Forest Whitaker was amazing as expected but the rest of the cast was mediocre. Honestly I felt it wasn’t so much bad acting…more bad casting. Tommy Carter played an intellectual therapist/life coach which made for some border line soap opera acting scenes. Mike Epps acting was fine but again wrong guy for that role; he’s a comedian not a tough guy ex-con. Many reviewers mentioned this is a tricky, twisting, confusing movie…I have no clue what they watched. Between the trailer and the first scene I had the basic plot figured out which left to real no jaw dropping surprises. The ending was meant to be thought provoking but it felt more like a bad ending to a book. So much untapped potential, so many relations left unexplored..
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