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Regrets of the PastRegrets of the Past (2016)


Director: Bernhard Weber

Stars : Joe Baumgartner, Sophia Grabner, Daniel Trauner

IMDB Rating : 6.7

Genre : Sci-Fi

Release Date : 01 March 2017

. Regrets of the Past :- Watch . Regrets of the Past on,As with all Star Wars fan films one has to give them credit for the dedicated effort they’ve put into their project. Maybe even a small bonus, considering that a lot of people came together, and sacrificed their spare time to create, in this case, nearly a full-hour Star Wars movie. This long short has an original albeit in parts quite foreseeable plot. It has very good visual effects, and excellent costumes and accessories. And, considering most fan films take place either in some kind of desert, or in a mountainous forest terrain, they make good of their location on the forest side. Also, while the fight scenes can not be called professional, they are delivered in a, to say the least, rather satisfactory manner. The story doesn’t use the crutch of a narrator, and it doesn’t need one. There are flashbacks, but they are not only helpful, they are an integral part of the story. It seems obvious the film makers peer at a possible sequel, but that doesn’t hinder their narrative in this ‘pilot’ to still be self-contained. What this movie suffers from most is – at least in the German version – badly written dialogue. Their lines are too formal in the sense of being awkwardly highbrow while at the same time being delivered in an amateurish manner, which makes these flaws even worse. Speaking of amateurish and slightly off, of course the acting’s not up to professional movie standards. In a few scenes far from it. Some of this, I’m afraid, really interferes with one’s viewing experience, but other scenes reward the viewer for continuing to watch this film. Plotwise, I’m sorry to say, there are a few holes and incongruities, but I won’t discuss these bad scenes and inconsistent narrative arcs further, as not to spoil anything. Overall ‘Regrets of the Past’ is an achievement worth watching for any Star Wars fan with a friendly attitude towards fan film projects always leaving a bit to be desired – although the movie doesn’t fully carry its 50+ minutes, take a look..

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