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Reel NightmareReel Nightmare (2017)


Director: Armand Petri

Stars: Madeleine Heil, Garrett Morosky, Andres Mejia Vallejo

Genre: Horror | Fantasy | Mystery

IMDB Rating: 4.8

Release: 7 Feb2017 (Usa)

Reel Nightmare:- Watch Reel Nightmare on,The standout element of this film are the visual effects. For a low budget flick, the magic and witchcraft visuals were done well and they didn’t distract or take you out of the movie. The acting was hit and mix at points, and so was the writing some times but this movie managed to entertain me more than Rings (2017). The witches in Reel Nightmare could have been in more scenes. They were the strongest draw to the film. The lead girl and overall, the female cast was superior to the male counterparts. But no living character here is a match for the witches. The witches had a strong presence and I’m glad they didn’t use CGI to bring them to life.A group of film students from Miskatonic University venture into an old Victorian house with a grisly past to shoot a last-minute thesis, but the discovery of a mysterious book called the Necronomicon brings production to a deadly halt when they awaken the spirits of three vengeful witches..
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