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The Red Maple LeafThe Red Maple Leaf (2016)


Director: Frank D’Angelo

Stars : James Caan, Robert Loggia, Martin Landau

Genre : Crime | Drama | Mystery

IMDB Rating: 6.0

Release: 01 May 2017 (Usa)

The Red Maple Leaf :- Watch The Red Maple Leaf on, The highest compliment that I can give the new film, The Red Maple Leaf, and there are in fact quite a number of things that I really found myself admiring during my viewing of the film this evening, all of which I hope I am able to discuss with this review, but the thing that I think is most evident is how much writer/director/actor Frank D’Angelo has matured both in front of and behind the screen. His last directorial effort, Sicilian Vampire, was a film that I personally had a lot of fun with. The film had a lot of laughs as well as being quite tongue in cheek with some of it’s over the top and sometimes campy dialogue and storyline. It was a film that you certainly had to be in a fun and lighthearted mood to watch and anyone who likes more bizarre, or downright cult, or offbeat films would have certainly had their day made by that film, but whilst the film was over the top and campy, I still found that D’Angelo still was able to assert his own brand of storytelling and artistic craft to the film which gave it a certain uniqueness as well as making it a film all of it’s own. I can recognize criticism where some say it was perhaps an act of self indulgence, or even trying to really paint a glamorous and favourable picture of D’Angelo, but I could ignore that while watching Sicilian Vampire, because the film was still an overall very fun and entertaining watch and quite frankly it is better than a lot of other films I see on a yearly, or monthly basis, so I was all for something new, silly and downright fun, even if it did at times appear to be in D’Angelo’s favour, or basically trying to make him look “cool” as one reviewer put it. I knew from the moment I saw Sicilian Vampire, and have since become a fan of his weekly program

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