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Pup StarPup Star (2016)

Director: Robert Vince

Stars: Kaitlyn Maher, Jed Rees, Tom Everett Scott

Genre: Comedy | Family | Music

IMDB Rating: 5.6

Release: 30 Aug 2016 (Uk)

Pup Star :-Watch Pup Star on, Parents need to know that Pup Star, a talking-dog comedy for kids, establishes a world of “evolved” dogs who talk to and interact on equal terms with humans. Tiny the Yorkshire terrier wants to win a singing dog competition called “Pup Star” but is dognapped by an evil human before she can get to the finals. Moments of mild peril arise when Tiny and her friend, a doodle named Charlie, evade a scary dog bounty hunter. Tiny is also sad because she incorrectly believes her owner has died. A dog steals another dog’s original song, which catapults him to fame. The song’s writer wants revenge on his rival. There’s one use of “butt.”  This movie will probably amuse young kids, but anyone over the age of 8 will already have seen other, better versions of this story many times and probably be far less delighted. The best way to steal an idea — in this case, a comedy about an underdog striving to win an important competition against all odds and at the same time evading threatening villains — is to add value. A clever script full of eye-opening jokes and unexpected plot twists would be a great start. Sadly, the best the writers are doing in Pup Star is naming singing dogs after human pop stars: Madogga, Lady Pawpaw, Furrell, Dog Gnarly, and Blake Sheltie. A mean, British-accented judge on the show is called Simon Growl. And a cowboy bouncer is supposed to be funny because he does yoga. Everything else is a collection of clichés and predicable depictions of villainy vs. goodne
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