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Proximity (2017)


Director: Taylor Steele

Stars : John Florence, Stephanie Gilmore, Kelly Slater

IMDB Rating : 6.4

Genre : Animation | Sport

Release Date : 1 Aug 2017

Proximity :- Watch . Proximity on, The work of filmmaker Taylor Steele has shaped much of my life as a surfer. Momentum, Drifter, Castles In The Sky, Campaign, Here & Now and Innersection, just to name a few of my favourites. When first-look clips started dropping for his new production Proximity there was a build up of energy around the potential of the film to make a significant impact in a digital world that’s saturated with surf videos.The film lived up to expectations. How could it not? The cast is so strong and the raw dialog between the world’s best and most respected surfers is naturally executed.teele doesn’t make surf films for a career anymore. He sees these projects as a way to reset himself and feel more connected to who he is and what he’s interested in.In a chat before the film, he said that the idea for Proximity stemmed from simply seeing a photo of Rob Machado and Craig Ando standing next to each other. “I was like, man, they’re so similar in spirit, what would those guys do on a trip together? As a surf fan, I wanted to be in a room with them and be a fly on wall listening to what they’d ask each other and the answers they’d give.” And that’s what is the most unique aspect of this film – it’s the ultimate surfing fan-out.

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