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Prodigy (2017)


Director: Alex Haughey, Brian Vidal

Stars : Richard Neil, Savannah Liles, Jolene Andersen

IMDB Rating : 6.2

Genre : Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Release Date : 13 March 2018

Prodigy :- Watch . Prodigy on, This movie is genuinely awful. Stilted acting, terrible script, predictable from the first minute. Even the camerawork is fourth rate. It does get two stars for reminding me that I liked the infinitely superior Morgan (2016). Watch that instead.Filmed entirely in black and white, Prodigy is about Jimmy, a highly trusted child psychologist, who has to interview Ellie, a psychopathic genius. Ellie is only a child, but the United States considers her a national threat. She is Jimmy’s most unique and difficult patients, but if he can break her tough exterior, Jimmy has the chance to save her life. Although they never mention the year in which the film takes place, the sound effects and black and white scenes are similar to what you would find in a post-World War II movie. The feeling that you’re watching a vintage film quickly changes when special effects come into play.Prodigy wouldn’t be categorized as an action-thriller film if it didn’t have floating furniture or unexplainable moving objects. Most of the scenes are filmed in an interrogation room with Jimmy and Ellie, making the film boring and repetitive. The only surprise you get in the movie is a slam! in the middle of a calm scene. Unexplainable moving and floating objects and loud noises are what makes this film interesting. The storyline will surprise you, but it won’t make you sit on the edge of your seat the entire time. Actually, I found myself wondering what would be next, only to be a little disappointed at the lack of excitement. The storyline could have added in elements that showed how Ellie got her special powers. I wanted to know more about the girl and the power she possessed, and the effects it had on others.

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