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Prince Orient HousePrince Orient House (2016)


Director: N/A

Stars: N/A

Genre: Action | Drama | Sci-Fi

IMDB Rating: 4.0

Release: 2016 (Usa)

Prince Orient House :- Watch Prince Orient House on, The film tells a distant alien on a prince in the Rebellion rebellion, in order to protect their planet, came to Earth, looking for to help their clan rebellion war, defend the homeland of the story.The vast universe, in an asteroid is taking place on a coup, Pluto Harris in the East Palace Prince canonization ceremony on the rebellion. Critical moment, East Palace Prince was escorted out of the asteroid …Shortly afterwards, Long Yu came to Earth to wake up in a nightmare. His East Palace Prince identity was found by Hades Harris, then sent an effective H2 and O2 men to chase. The Long Yus parents have been alert, contact the cronies loyalty to seek countermeasures. The final decision by the loyalty to send Yong Yong to protect Long.A few days later, H2 and O2 find the traces of Long Yu, immediately shot to start arresting action. At this point, Ayong arrived in the nick of time, rescued the Long Yu gang.Since then, Long Yu and his friends, as well as with their own planets loyalists together to unyielding heroism, hand and Pluto launched a battle again and again… Watch Prince Orient House (2016) Online.

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