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The Pretty OneThe Pretty One (2013)

Director: Jenée LaMarque

Stars: Zoe Kazan, Jake Johnson, Ron Livingston

Genre: Comedy | Drama

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Release: 07 Feb 2014 (Usa)

The Pretty One :-Watch The Pretty One on, A tragedy presents Laurel with the chance to reinvent herself as her idolized twin sister, Audrey. As she eases into the life she has always wanted, she must decide between continuing the lie or revealing herself as the perfect fraud.The Pretty One is a pleasant indie “dramedy” cooked with the habitual ingredients from the genre: a simple screenplay, but not lacking of some deepness; funny characters who are too picturesque to exist in the real world; and a narrative sensibility which cunningly occupies the intersection between art-house cinema and the commercial one. That description might sound a bit cynical, but it doesn’t darken my appreciation for the various pros of The Pretty One, which I liked pretty much despite some forced details from the screenplay and its kinda cloying manufacture. To start with, the performances from Zoe Kazan and Jake Johnson are very good. I always like those actors’ work, even though they tend to play the same character over and over again (Kazan, adorable “Phoebe”, and Johnson, adorable loser). But, as long as they keep bringing such good works in those roles, I will keep enjoying their performances. Kazan and Johnson have a perfect chemistry with each other, something which helps to cover some weak details from the screenplay. For example, the premise feels occasionally improbable, even though it’s raised with enough logic in order to accept it for the sake of entertainment. After all, The Pretty One doesn’t aspire to the raw realism from Hesher or Smashed (to put a pair of indie examples), but it occupies the idealized universe from films such as In Your Eyes and Juno, where the characters are sublimations of narrative archetypes,
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