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The Pistol ShrimpsThe Pistol Shrimps (2016)

Director: Brent Hodge

Stars: Stephanie Allynne, Maria Blasucci, Matt Gourley

Genre: Documentary

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Release: 16 June 2016 (Usa)

The Pistol Shrimps :-Watch The Pistol Shrimps on,A group of actresses, musicians, writers, comedians, and moms who compete in the Los Angeles women’s recreational basketball league.Director Brent Hodge, mostly known for his documentaries A Brony Tale and I Am Chris Farley, met Aubrey Plaza in a New York City coffee shop one day and heard about her recreational women’s basketball team, The Pistol Shrimps. Although they already had a small following, mostly through Plaza’s fame and recognition, there really was not a full-blown recreational women’s basketball team in Los Angeles, let alone other cities.It is common knowledge that women’s sports do not usually get the same attention, reverence or respect that men’s sports do. The Superbowl is essentially a national holiday. Novak Djokovic recently stated that women athletes should get the same prize money as men because less people watch them. Regardless of whether these traditions or opinions are valid, it is clear that not enough love is given to women’s sports.Pistol Shrimps changes all that by following the titular team throughout their division-winning season, diving into various parts of what makes the Pistol Shrimps stand out. The team is aided by members fully immersed in the entertainment industry, a wisecracking podcast duo and (surprisingly) dedicated fans. Mix all of these together and Hodge has created an enjoyable, funny and uplifting portfolio of these diverse women coming together as friends and athletes.

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