Watch Pin Cushion (2017) Movie Online Free

Pin CushionDPin Cushion (2017)


Director : Deborah Haywood

Stars : Lily Newmark, Joanna Scanlan, Loris Scarpa

IMDB Rating : 7.3

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 20 July 2018

Pin Cushion :- Watch Pin Cushion on, The Dop must be very talented on this with some great shots, as I said filmed very well, the sound was good, the actors did an awesome job with a great story, however I give it 6/10 because this film seemed to have no middle start and end we’re good but I found myself looking at my watch half way through, I have seen a lot worse and hats off to anyone getting this far.Super close Mother LYN and daughter IONA (Dafty One and Dafty Two) are excited for their new life in a new town. Determined to make a success of things after a tricky start, Iona becomes ‘best friends’ with KEELY, STACEY and CHELSEA. Used to being Iona’s bestie herself, Lyn feels left out. So Lyn also makes friends with BELINDA, her neighbour. As much as Lyn and Iona pretend to each other that things are going great, things aren’t going great for either of them. Iona struggles with the girls, who act more like frenemies than friends, and Belinda won’t give Lyn her stepladders back. Both Mother and Daughter retreat into fantasy and lies.

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