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The Perfect SoulmateThe Perfect Soulmate ( 2017)


Director: Curtis Crawford, Anthony Lefresne

Stars : Cassandra Scerbo, Alex Paxton-Beesley, Scott Gibson

Genre : Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Release: 04 June 2017 (USA)

The Perfect Soulmate :- Watch The Perfect Soulmate on,I watched the evening’s “feature,” a Lifetime “premiere” movie called “The Perfect Soulmate” whose credits immediately warned me I was likely to be disappointed because both the producers (Pierre David and Tom Berry) and the directors (Curtis James Crawford and Anthony LeFresne) were frequent collaborators, including on previous “Perfect” projects, of Lifetime’s greatest writer, Christine Conradt, but la Conradt herself was not involved this time. Instead the writer was someone named John Serge, and that was doubly disappointing: not only was Conradt not involved but a man was taking her place in scribing a tale about women’s miseries and maltreatments both of men and each other. The “Perfect … ” template as Conradt and others have been working it since Conradt sold her first Lifetime script, “The Perfect Nanny,” in 2000, features an innocent heroine who thinks she’s found the “perfect” husband/lover/coworker/nanny/teacher/servant/in-law/whatever until horrible things happen to her and those around her and finally she realizes that “perfect” really means “psycho.” “The Perfect Soulmate” suffers from the lack of the kind of dimension Conradt has brought to at least some of her villainesses; instead the title character, Lee Maxson (Cassandra Scerbo, who like most Lifetime villainesses is of medium height, dark-haired and affects a veneer of perkiness), is a pretty straightforward bad girl whose backstory is that she murdered her abusive father (we’re never told whether dad merely beat her or sexually molested her as well), though the authorities ruled it suicide, and thought she’d be able to get out of the generic city where all this takes place to New York City to pursue a career in publishing. Instead she got trapped as the unwilling caregiver of her diabetic mother Marlene (Deborah Grover) and ended up in a lousy life in which she got to do nothing all day except work at a bookstore to make ends meet and go home to take care of mom

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