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ParadoxParadox (2017)


Director: Wilson Yip

Stars : Louis Koo, Yue Wu, Tony Jaa

Genre : Action

IMDB Rating: 7.0

Release: 25 Aug 2017 (Usa)

Paradox :- Watch Paradox on, Thank you Wilson Yep for making this advanced phase of Hong Kong film model for all fans!It is strategy to expand Hong Kong filming base outside of China. Mainland China is just part of cooperator for Chinese blockbusters which mainly taking place in Mainland with Hong Kong movie stars.On the contrary, the best filmmaker of the contemporary Hong Kong, Wilson Yep successfully achieved the most sensitive, emotionally well involved HK action film with Thailand!The story structure is tragedy and real horror story that random victimization of human trafficking are seriously happening in South East Asia of today. The story is tragedy of capitalist greediness and brutal violence between good and evil.Audiences fully agree with the protagonist HK police Lee Chung-Chi who seeks his lost daughter Wing-Chi in Thailand. The main conflict comes from local human trafficking black market which runs by US gang star Sacha who wants to sell Wing-Chi’s heart to heart-attacked politician.Lee’s partners are all good colleagues HK officer in Thailand Tsui Kit and Thailand officer Tak who are involved in his revenge, and Tak is also well expressed by the local actor. The Kung Fu quality is as professional as Hong Kong Kung-fu stars.Wilson Yep understands cinematic expression is done by emotional responses to the tragic events and results of actions. Some audience can not bear the deepness and negativeness of emotional expressions during revenge for his daughter’s death.However, this is the exactly correct way of being artistic and cinematic expression.Hong Kong filmmakers should know that you are not making films for awards but for creating high quality genre films for HK audiences without any compromising to bureaucrats control of film production. Do not indulge on award seeking. Just make high quality film like this!

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