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Old StoneOld Stone (2016)

Director: Johnny Ma

Stars: Gang Chen, Nai An, Hongwei Wang

Genre: Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.9

Release: 30 November 2016 (Usa)

Old Stone :-Watch Old Stone on,debut, exposing with stunning clarity the infuriating red tape and flawed logic of China’s system regarding criminal responsibility and insurance policies. Even within a trim 79-minute running time, Ma affectingly dramatizes his protagonist’s moral quandary within a social milieu of spine-chilling callousness. Channeling the style of gritty mainland independent films but without the usual longueurs, the film deftly morphs into a suspense thriller with Dostoevskyan undertones; its provocative subject matter should give it long fest legs.The prevalence of hit-and-runs in China caught national and then global attention in October 2011, when Wang Yue, a 2-year-old girl from Foshan, Guangdong province, was hit by a van which promptly backed up to run her over again before driving off. Eighteen passersby skirted around her, thus allowing another van to drive her over a third time. While such apathy suggests a society that’s crossed the line of basic humanity, Ma’s film explains the complex legal issues that push ordinary citizens to desperate behavior, as well as the tough social environment that forces people to harden their hearts even toward their closest kin: In China, drivers need pay only a small one-off fine if their victims die, whereas merely injuring them would incur lifelong compensation commitments. Bystanders are also afraid to help those in need because of peng ci (knocking at po

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