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Nostalgia (2017)


Director: Mark Pellington

Stars : Hugo Armstrong, Shinelle Azoroh, Annalise Basso

IMDB Rating : 4.8

Genre : Drama

Release Date :16 Feb 2018

Nostalgia :- Watch . Nostalgia on,Casting Jon Hamm, with his “Mad Men” iconic persona adding much to the role, in “Nostalgia” was the best decision made by the movie’s writer and director. Otherwise, they seem to have fumbled the ball.This morbid look at how people become attached to the objects accumulated in a “life lived” to quote the show’s most moving term is loaded with arbitrary and contrived connections that attempt to link individual story vignettes into a cohesive whole. With the absence of action, which is what moving pictures are really all about (I learned that early in my formative movie buff years watching foreign films from around the globe without English subtitles as a crutch), we are left with a cold, gloomy movie.First half is quite promising, with an unusual central character played by John Ortiz. He’s an insurance investigator, visiting people either inheriting a home or possessions or those in a position to bequeath same. He doesn’t appraise but checks out the scene and gives advice on getting an appraiser for example. And he’s about as welcome as a coffin-maker in a Western doing body measurements on somebody before they go out to have a gunfight.Ortiz’ character reminded me of Marvin Miller in “The Millionaire” TV series, one of my favorites as a kid growing up in the ’50s. Miller would give a check for a million bucks made out by the enigmatic (never shown) J. Beresford Tipton to a seemingly random person, and we in TV land would watch for half an hour how the moolah would change that person’s life.

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