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No One No One (2017)

Director: Andrey Andonov

Stars: Gergana Pletnyova, Stoyan Radev, Silvia Petkova

Genre: Drama | Mystery | Romance

IMDB Rating: 7.3

Release: 12 March 2017 (Uk)

No One :-Watch No One on,Vera is a young psychologist who visits her father’s cottage in the mountains after he passes away. Her boyfriend Tony surprisingly arrives together with her best friend Tanya, they have a secret affair and they are about to confess to Vera. Meanwhile Niki and Lily appear out of the blue. Niki is a wealthy man who has bought all of the properties but Vera’s land. However, he wants to buy it at any price. Vera expects support and compassion but over the following days, her seemingly settled life will shatter, with surprising consequences.”Tell No One” will play as a terrific thriller for you, if you meet it halfway. You have to be willing to believe. There will be times you think it’s too perplexing, when you’re sure you’re witnessing loose ends. It has been devised that way, and the director knows what he’s doing. Even when it’s baffling, it’s never boring. I’ve heard of airtight plots. This one is not merely airtight, but hermetically sealed.The set-up is the simple part. We meet a married couple, sweethearts since childhood: Alex (Francois Cluzet) and Margot (Marie-Josee Croze). They go skinny-dipping in a secluded pond and doze off on the raft. They have a little quarrel, and Margot swims ashore. Alex hears a scream. He swims to the dock, climbs the ladder and is knocked unconscious.Flash-forward eight years. Alex is a pediatrician in a Paris hospital. He has never remarried and still longs for Margot. Two bodies are found buried in the forest where it is believed she was murdered, and the investigation is reopened. Although Margot’s case was believed solved, suspicion of Alex has never entirely died out. He was hit so hard before falling back into the water that he was in a coma for three days. How did he get back on the dock?Now the stage is set for a dilemma that resembles in some ways “The Fugitive.” Evidence is found that incriminates Alex: a murder weapon, for example, in his apartment. There is the lockbox that contains suspicious photographs and a shotgun tied to another murder. Alex is tipped off by his attorney (Nathalie Baye) and flees out the window of his office at the hospital just before the cops arrive. “You realize he just signed his own confession?” a cop says to the lawyer.
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