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Ninja Immovable Heart Ninja Immovable Heart (2014)


Director: Rob Baard, John Balazs

Stars: Rob Baard, Roger Neave, Danny Glover

Genre: Action | Drama

IMDB Rating: 2.0

Release: 27 Feb 2014 (Usa)

Ninja Immovable Heart :- Watch Ninja Immovable Heart on, Reeve is a member of an elite covert group thought not to exist anymore, he is captured, beaten and brutally tortured, by the very Governments he used to work for. With the help of his old mentor John Carpenter, Reeve must strip away, and rid himself of the emerging demons of his past, so that he may understand the core essence of Ninjutsu, the Ninja’s Immovable heart, in order to remember how and why he was captured, and what he is meant to do, before time runs out and his captors discover why he is really here.OMG! Danny….What’s happened? how you got carried away by this project … the worst movie of the year! I wanted to see a ninja movie, but … where’s the ninja? I do not know how they managed, but the film industry shows its reality, leaving in appalling as to what we can expect from it … even more known and artists involved in large projects doing bad and poor quality movies, will have the script for you read? spend far, far away from this movie. Rob Baard, still need to learn a lot about direction, acting, script, puts us in a swirl of lines and verses that say they do not respect the scenes that you expect to see, the action scenes are the biggest fiasco … very weak and not convinced even my 6 year old, I was seeing a ninja movie, I confess that I got to cry when I saw the The effects used used in the film …I never thought to see Danny in a performance like we saw,if you ever go back to producing, writing, directing, think of the time you lost, making us waste our time,even more so after all, effects, flaws in the script, direction, my biggest fear … is that this is immortal ninja ..
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