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Night KaleidoscopeNight Kaleidoscope ( 2017)


Director: :Grant McPhee

Stars : : Ashley Sutherland, Kitty Colquhoun, Mariel McAllan

Genre: Horror

IMDB Rating: 5.1

Release: 4 Feb 2017 (Usa)

Night Kaleidoscope :- Watch Night Kaleidoscope on putlockerwatch.comVampires are nothing if not versatile. Unlike most of the standard horror-flick heavies – zombies, werewolves, machete-wielding maniacs, etc. – they can vary wildly in type and behavior, appearing on screen as anything from hyper-articulate aristocrats to animalistic predators to regular folks who just so happen to survive by drinking blood.That capacity for constant reinvention has allowed for such fundamentally different films as Only Lovers Left Alive, 30 Days of Night, and even (lamentably) the Twilight franchise to fall under the mantle of “vampire movies”; as specific as the genre is, it still seems to attract storytellers who are determined to take it in new directions.That mentality is readily apparent in the style and atmosphere of Scottish filmmaker Grant McPhee’s ultra-low-budget Night Kaleidoscope, which takes an arty, at times almost abstract approach to its tale of urban vampires and the broken-down hero who’s out to slay them. The film’s off-kilter rhythms and its druggy ambiance are its way of (ugh) staking a claim on originality, but ultimately, its singular style neither fully serves nor effectively compensates for what turns out to be a fairly conventional and not always compelling variation on what’s come before.
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