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Night Howl (2017)


Director : Michael Taylor Pritt

Stars : Michael Taylor Pritt, Alana Mullins, Rob Pemberton

IMDB Rating : 5.6

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 12 Dec 2017

.Night Howl :- Watch . . Night Howl on,I feel like no one has the heart to down such a low budget movie .One: No one has watched it other than their friends and family. And, there really isn’t another reason. No one watches these unless they’re making fun of them (if you can watch them, that is .Their blurays don’t work and their DVDs are 15$. Laughable.) The cinematography is terrible .If you’re using a Black Magic, it should not look like you’re using an Android phone. It’s grainy and not in an “aesthetic” way. The acting is atrocious in a high school play kind of bad. The protagonist/director has no self-awareness whatsoever. I mean, it is pretty obvious the only review for this movie is from someome highly involved with the film, if not the creator himself. I predicted the story from the first ten minutes and my god, the werewolf. I get it. Low budget. Terrible story. Laughable acting .And cinematography so bad, it’s upsetting. 1/10. Just don’t ..

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