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Have a Nice DayHave a Nice Day (2017)


Director: Jian Liu

Stars : Jian Liu

IMDB Rating : 6.5

Genre : Animation | Comedy | Crime

Release Date : 12 Jan 2018

Have a Nice Day :- Watch Have a Nice Day on,Everyone and everything in this movie is a “used to be”. The gangster boss who finds out that his money was stolen, used to be involved in more important deals. The hit-man who is supposed to get the money back now works at a butcher’s shop. His best days are behind him. The hotel where the main character tries to hide for sure has seen brighter days.The story is set on the edge of any large Chinese city. The drawing style focuses attention on the fact that decay is everywhere. Even though building sites are part of the cityscape at all times.rilliantly ironic, even cynical, with a great soundtrack by the Shanghai Restoration Project this animated movie is a definite recommendation.A neo-noir animated take on a mob film, following a big bag of money as it moves from one person to the next, suspiciously. At once an absurdist escape and a biting commentary on consumer culture, the movie will captivate big audiences with its homage to films like “The Godfather,” “Blade Runner” and the works of Tarantino. The characters are all fascinating in their oddities, and the animation style captures the mood in even the smallest details— like a dog limping in the background or a neon sign flickering on the street. Watch it for the violence, watch it for the dry humor, but definitely watch it because the visual style is artistic, emotional and insanely brilliant.

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