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Newness (2017)


Director: : Drake Doremus

Stars : Nicholas Hoult, Laia Costa, Danny Huston

IMDB Rating : 6.4

Genre : Drama | Romance

Release Date : 03 Nov 2017

 Newness :- Watch . Newness on, This film tells the story of a man and a woman, who use dating apps to meet others for fun with no strings attached.That’s the first ten minutes of the plot anyway. It appears that they constantly want newness in their love and sex lives. Yet, the story soon develops to another direction. It is clear that one of them is stuck in the past, while the other wants something but would not admit it. It is a brilliant portrayal of modern relationships. It even explores honesty to self and others. In addition, the lighting and the sets are consistently remarkable. Though the film is a little slow at times, it is still worth a watch.This movie, to me, is not about how they meet, go through life or the open relationship. It is about that moment we always look for, the instant chemistry, which makes us euphoric and therefore happy. That bubble that everything is oke, everything is in line and I love somebody and that person loves me back in that moment.The way this movie is shot, the high level of acting, it is as if you are watching your own life in some way. I think everybody can take moments from it and see what moments happen in their own life and how they react.It is not intended as a movie to learn from, but just to hold a mirror up. It is not good or bad, just how we walk through life. To me, it is a good thing to keep realizing it.If I had to pick one thing that stout out, I would say; that moment the bubble bursts. When you start to talk to each other and learn more about their way of thinking. At that point you are going to hear something you don’t like and in an instant, your face changes and you need to deal with that emotion. That’s when the euphoria stops and you try to get it back.

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