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NellyNelly ( 2016)


Director: Anne Émond

Stars : Mylène Mackay, Marie-Claude Guérin, Catherine Brunet

Genre : Drama

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Release: 2 June 2017

Nelly :- Watch Nelly on,Boring. Over-acting. Bad direction. Lifetime quality. This is what they’ve done with a subject like that? It’s a completely useless waste of time. 30 minutes into and nothing is happening. First off, what a terrible choice of actress. She is a 3 when Nelly was a 9. I can’t even look at that actress and believe anything happening (not that there is much happening anyways). This film should have been like a punch to the face but it felt like a light wind instead. Where is the story? Where is dialogue? No story, no dialogue, nothing. Just a bunch of pretentious pseudo intellectual scenes scrambled together. Terrible movie (collage). Cringe worthy. Instead of wasting your time on this platitude watch some interviews with Nelly Arcan and read her books.

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