Watch A Nail Clipper Romance (2017) Movie Online Free

A Nail Clipper RomanceA Nail Clipper Romance ( 2017)


Director: : : Jason Kwan

Stars : Hsiao-chuan Chang, Linda Molina, Dongyu Zhou

Genre : Comedy

IMDB Rating: 4.4

Release: 29 April 2017 (Usa)

A Nail Clipper Romance :- Watch A Nail Clipper Romance on,  It’s sometimes hard to tell if you’re trusting your partner unconditionally or simply losing your sanity over love. Adapted from a short story from co-producer Pang Ho-cheung, this Hawaii-shot directorial debut by veteran cinematographer Jason Kwan Chi-yiu – a five-time Hong Kong Film Awards nominee for efforts such as Cold War 2 – explores that fine line to often intoxicating effect.Joseph Chang Hsiao-chuan plays Sean, a surfboard maker so hopelessly romantic that when he has a surfing accident after breaking up with his girlfriend (Tiffany Hsu Wei-ning), his pals all assume it’s a suicide attempt. Everything is, however, well again when he falls head over heels in love with spirited tattoo artist Emily (Zhou Dongyu) – so what if she claims to be from a mythical subset of humans who feed on nail clippers?Kwan’s vibrantly coloured rom-com never bothers itself with the authenticity of Emily’s tall tale, instead settling leisurely on the fence between being a fantasy romance … and the funny but sad story of a good man being mercilessly conned. The cinematic sleight of hand is made possible by Chang and Zhou’s quirky charm; only the most cynical viewers would be tempted to see their characters in a negative light.

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