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Murder101Murder 101 (2014)


Director: : Michael Phillip Edwards, Sheldon Robins

Stars: Tom Sizemore, Dante Basco, Sheldon Robins

Genre: Thriller

IMDB Rating: 4.6

Release: 10 June 2014 (Usa)

Murder 101 :-Watch Murder 101 on,MURDER 101 now owns the dubious honor of #1 in the “Gawd-Awful Movies of All Time” Listing……….AKA, the G-AMAT Ratings.Overtaking “A Common Man” was certainly no easy accomplishment and the Cast and Crew of “Murder 101” should be lauded for their never-before- witnessed level of ineptness in every facet of the “Art” itself….such a black-eye for anyone who aspires to entertain through film.As for this thing I witnessed this evening. Dare you ask? In a nutshell, imagine witnessing your child’s first-ever elementary school play. Now, imagine everybody on stage is an adult (with the same level of understanding how to “act”)…….and then imagine YOU CAN’T LEAVE and there’s no place to hide. On top of it all…….somebody actually wrote that dialogue and, even worse, somebody found actors and actresses who could deliver a performance worthy of a script so horrible.The worst-of-the-worst recognition goes to Tom Sizemore. I simply could not figure out his character because he spent most of the movie “speaking” to his other personality…….and most of that dialogue was a series of grunts and giggles he delivered through painful facial contortions…….why? I have no clue whatsoever.

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