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The Monster ProjectThe Monster Project ( 2017)


Director: Victor Mathieu

Stars : Toby Hemingway, Justin Bruening, Murielle Zuker

Genre : Action | Horror

IMDB Rating: 4.1

Release: 18 Aug 2017 (Usa)

The Monster Project :- Watch The Monster Project on,I must start by saying I hate found footage movies, that being said I thought this was better than most. It was obvious the director has some talent and got some great practical and VFX together. I was almost angry at the end that he wasted the effort in a found footage format and turned everything into a green, glitch-filled, whip the cameras around senseless nightmare. All this wonderful effort is simply gone…poof. Why do people make found footage movies? He could have had a fun little movie if done conventionally. Yeah the characters were stereotypes, but I can get past that. I hope he learns his lesson and does a conventional movie, as he has promise.I saw the trailer for this film, and I thought the premise was unique, interesting and could potentially yield an entertaining and thoughtfully made film, and I was almost completely right in my assessment. From the onset, the film makes no qualms about what it is trying to achieve. A group of people set out to prove that monsters are real by interviewing 3 people who claim to be real life monsters. It is a premise that writes itself. The acting is competent, and most of the actors are quite talented. The standout of this film, by far, are the special effects. The Skinwalker and the vampire were really well done, and the action scenes were filmed with a competence usually exerted by bigger budget films. It seems like whoever budgeted this movie made it a point to not skimp out on the SFX, and this elevated the film to a much higher standard. I was constantly impressed by some of the make-up and transformations. If more independent movies allocated their funds to SFX, they would produce much more entertaining films. Overall, it is a decent film that does some incredibly clever things that have not been attempted before. If nothing else, people should watch this film just to see an original and unique production. It is a rarity in this age of sequels.I will end my review with this; The character who played “Jamal” was horrible, offensive, needlessly loud, and entirely stereotypical. Whoever wrote his character should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating such limited and thoughtless characteristics on any character. Never mind that he was the absolute worst of the entire cast, every time he spoke, it was like nails on a chalkboard. 2 points were removed from my score simply because I hated the character so much. He nearly ruined what was a very decent and entertaining film.

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