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Monkey Farm (2017)


Director: Ian Messenger

Stars : Don Carlos, Justin Celani, Tim Christie

IMDB Rating : 5.8

Genre : Horror

Release Date : 10 Oct 2017

Monkey Farm :- Watch . Monkey Farm on,Found footage movies are always hit and miss but are generally a great way to get out a big story on a small budget. I was a bit skeptical going in because CatchMeKillMe Productions last film Fireside Tales (my review in link) was big on story but low on execution and was shot on half the budget ($5,000) as Monkey Farm. I liked Fireside Tales for what it was but I really liked Monkey Farm for the visible progression of talent that was displayed by the director, actors and the story telling. Of course this movie isn’t perfect, not may are, but given the budget Ian Messenger had to work with I feel like he created a really good found footage creature feature that was carried heavily by the story and the acting. He is showing huge improvement as a film maker and as a story teller, so give his movies an open minded watch and appreciate them for what they are…Low budget indie horror with tremendous heart and ambition.An exploration of what happens when human curiosity and animal rage collide. This low-budget, high-concept thriller presents a different kind of antagonist, and the same well-meaning-but-doomed kids you love to cheer for as they meet their grisly ends..

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