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All About the MoneyAll About the Money ( 2017)

Director: : Blake Freeman

Stars : Danny Trejo, Casper Van Dien, Mindy Robinson

Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy

IMDB Rating: 5.3

Release: 2 June 2017 (USA)

All About the Money :- Watch All About the Money on,To be clear, it’s not a suspense type thought-provoking psycho- thriller drama, nor a top notch comedic production, but just simply an enjoyable mindless comedy that will entertain.The comedy was a little overboard at times, but there were *some* LOL moments, and I caught myself having a permanent smile throughout most of the movie. It was stupid humor but it was executed properly. Casper Van Dien was surprisingly comedic, and although Eddie Griffin seemed a little too much next to Blake Freeman’s somewhat stale comedic performance, the three together made it work! Jon Gries was on point as the psycho marine. There was a decent story-line. The location setting was great. There’s some action, suspense, gore, eye-candy, and pretty much all the elements to make this one of the more successfully entertaining B grade action/sitcom attempts I’ve seen in a while.

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