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Mommy’s Little Angel (2018)


Director: : Curtis Crawford

Stars : Amanda Clayton, Morgan Neundorf, Peter Michael Dillon

IMDB Rating : 5.5

Genre : Drama

Release Date : 17 March 2018

Mommy’s Little Angel :- Watch . Mommy’s Little Angel on, Katie has gone through so much in her short life. Her mom Shawna has an addiction to pills and her abusive father Darren spent 3 years in prison for beating Shawna. And late one night, Darren comes banging on their door looking for Katie. So Shawna leaves town to live with her cousin Nikki. In a few moments, Katie is in love with Nikki’s home but fears her mother will be a problem. However, that problem is short-lived when her mother apparently commits suicide. Katie quickly transitions to calling Nikki “mommy” and Nikki is happy to start adoption proceedings. Katie makes up her mind that Darren, Nikki’s new baby, nor Nikki’s husband Luke will stand in the way of being the only child in a happy family.Nothing is creepier than a cute kid on a warpath. And what makes little Katie even creepier is that she knows she does bad things but wants to be good. Seeing what this sweet-faced girl is capable of will send a shiver up your spine. She will use a car, knife, and a flight of stairs to become a good girl. As everyone tries to warn Nikki, you want to yell at the screen. But don’t worry, it won’t take long for her to see Katie is a Problem Child to the 10th degree

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