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Modern Life Is Rubbish (2017)


Director : Daniel Jerome Gill

Stars : Ian Hart, Daisy Bevan, Jessie Cave

IMDB Rating : 6.1

Genre : Comedy | Music | Romance

Release Date : 27 April 2018

.Modern Life Is Rubbish :- Watch . . Modern Life Is Rubbish on,Modern Life Is Rubbish is a 2017 British romantic comedy film directed by Daniel Jerome Gill and written by Philip Gawthorne, based on Gill’s 2009 short film of the same name. The film stars Josh Whitehouse and Freya MavorTruisms of filmmaking: It’s a brave person who puts a word in the title of their film that could, indeed, almost certainly will, be taken down and used in evidence against it. So, points for courage then, to director Daniel Jerome Gill and screenwriter Philip Gawthorne – although I expect this may come to be a lesson learned the hard way.Gill’s debut feature – based on the 2009 short of the same name – is what can only be described as a split-cute between young couple Natalie (Freya Mavor) and Liam (Josh Whitehouse). They are on the brink of moving out of their shared home and dividing their record collection. Over the course of the film we flash back in time as memories of the Nineties, rekindled by their tunes, show us the way they were. In essence, they are mismatched – not that that is going to get in the way of Gawthorne’s romanticism.Natalie is an art designer who dreams of creating record sleeves, while Liam is a wannabe musician who has no truck with the niceties of modern life – saving particular vitriol for the likes of iPods and Smartphones. While Natalie sees the sense in taking a job to pay the bills, Liam is a dreamer who refuses to bow to the system – leading to the tension in the pair’s relationship. The film becomes fascinating less for the will they/won’t they nature of the romance – after around 30 minutes, you’ll want to split up with Liam, too – than for the mileage Liam’s selfishness is given.


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