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Mistress Hunter (2018)


Director: : Penelope Buitenhuis

Stars : Lauralee Bell, Martin Copping, Lauren Plaxcos

IMDB Rating : 5.6

Genre : Thriller

Release Date : 16 March 2018

Mistress Hunter :- Watch . Mistress Hunter on, Mistress Hunter tells the story of Jackie, a housewife, who thinks her husband might be stepping out on her. When she hired the Mistress Hunter to get the goods on him, she gets more than she bargained for.JACKIE’S SUSPICIONS Jackie has been getting the feeling that something is not right with her husband, Karl (Martin Copping, Zombie Hunter, Hand of God), for he keeps telling her that never has time for lunch. One particular day, Jackie calls Karl’s job (I forget the reason) but learns that he has an appointment during lunch he’s had set for a while. Jackie decides to go to his job and follow him to see where he’s going and follows him to an apartment building in which a woman greets him at her door. This crushes Jackie.YOU CAN COUNT ON US Jackie is at Valerie’s house (played by Laura Plaxco, Superstore, Shameless), where another friend of hers, Melanie is there as well (played by Christy Meyers, Black-ish, Scandal). Jackie begins pouring her heart out to her friends about Karl stepping out on her and she’s not sure how long this has been going on and so forth. Valerie suggests she hires the mistress hunter to get more information on Karl. Jackie is a bit skeptical, mostly because the word ‘hunter’ in mistress hunter sounds a bit harsh. Valerie explains that’s just her handle, but that she’s the best in town. Melanie, on the other hand, is not to keen on the idea. Jackie wants to think about it.

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