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The Missing 6The Missing 6 (2017)


Director: Matondo Kiantandu

Stars : Katrina Alysha, Alexis Auffray, Dan Chadbourne

Genre : Horror

IMDB Rating: 5.0

Release: 17 Dec 2017 (Usa)

The Missing 6 :- Watch The Missing 6 on,The second season of “The Missing” is a whodunit with a curious twist: The suspense begins once the mystery is over. In the opening moments of the first episode, a girl is abducted in the forest outside of a German village. Then, just as quickly (for the audience), she returns — stumbling through the same woods before collapsing in the town square. But she is older now, and ravaged; her eyes are haunted. It is 11 years later.In some ways, this is consistent with the first season of the Starz/BBC anthology series, which also told the story of an abducted child and the subsequent investigation. But unlike the first installment of “The Missing,” the second season mostly dispenses with the circumstances of her abduction. Instead it flashes between the victim’s “safe” return, in 2014, and the arduous present, where the psychological scars of her kidnapping have not yet healed. Alice Webster (Abigail Hardingham) has been found, but that does not solve the hurt and horror of those 11 years, the toll of loss and victimization for everyone involved.And though this conceit might sound like it lowers the stakes of the story just as it begins, “The Missing” is harrowing, absorbing, and difficult to stop watching; in its multifaceted storytelling about one toxic case in a small town, it offers a wide-ranging, intimate, and mercilessly honest view of human tragedy.

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