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Missing 411 ( 2016)


Director: : Michael DeGrazier, Benjamin Paulides

Stars : Jaryd Atadero, DeOrr Kunz Jr., Nate Eaton

Genre : Documentary

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Release: 2016 (Usa)

Missing 411 :- Watch Missing 411 on, I’ve been waiting for a long time to watch this movie and I am not disappointed. David and Ben Paulides did a great job raising awareness to the unexplained cases of missing people, not only in the USA and Canada where their organization operates but also all around the world where many similar unsolved incidents occur. Just one example of Jaryd Atadero, correlated with David Paulides’s sharp and insightful conclusions on the strange similarities of circumstances and whereabouts of all the cases is enough to make the the spectator curious, puzzled and hungry for more knowledge.- David Paulides’s commitment to this grave issue is more than obvious. I would consider Missing 411 a must-watch for everybody who feels for the families still waiting for their loved ones to be found as well as all the thrill- and- adventure seekers who get a chance to be forewarned before their hikes. Also for everybody who call themselves keen and watchful observers of reality.

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